Christmas is coming and with it the typical binges that accompany it. Our tables are filled with delicious irresistible delicacies: sweets, meats, appetizers… But, undoubtedly, one of the star dishes are the fish and seafood, turning our meals and celebrations into very special moments.

Fish and shellfish are the perfect counterpoint to our Christmas foods, as in addition to being easy to cook they are ideal to counteract the effect of other more forceful and characteristic dishes of these festivities. Also, if we organize with time and buy them in advance, Congelándolos, we will not be affected by last-minute price hikes.

To avoid last minute purchases and your portfolio trembles when you pay the bill, we have prepared a series of tips for you to plan your Christmas meals.

Buy seafood and fish for Christmas, yes or no?

If we really want to save a few euros in our average spending for Christmas shopping, we must anticipate the holidays and buy in advance, to avoid price inflation, especially with seafood. As for the fish, we can wait a little longer, but not too much.

How do you know if it’s really cool what we buy?

Previously, you commented some guidelines for recognizing fresh fish. The truth is that the shellfish has to be alive, move and react when we touch it. That is, a clam if you try to open it has to close on its own and make force to not open it.

As for the fish: the gills well red, the eyes shiny and smooth, not sunk, and, especially, if we catch it by the tail has to fall, not to remain stiff by the rigor mortis. The longer the stiffer it will be.

Can I freeze fish and shellfish?

Obviously yes, they will be preserved perfectly. Yes, we will have to take care of some details to ensure optimum conservation. For example, we must pack the parts well to protect them from the cold direct from the freezer, avoiding leaving exposed areas (but we run the risk that the piece will rust). In addition, we must consider whether we cook it previously or not, as this influences the final flavors of food. On the other hand, the cooked fish holds a little more than the fresh one, although, and this applies to everything, it is not advisable to have it frozen more than a couple of months.

In the case of cooked shellfish, not all varieties can withstand the cold in the same way. In the case of the ox, the spider crab or the crabs, we will not have any problem, besides it is advisable to cook them before putting them in the freezer. However, in the case of prawns, prawns… are best preserved if frozen fresh.

What indications do I follow to thaw fish and shellfish?

To defrost the important thing is to put it in the fridge the day before and let it slowly thaw there. and place the product on a grate so that the water that releases during defrosting does not damage the part.