With the arrival of autumn comes the routine, the return to school, the leaves fall from the trees, the cold arrives… In addition, numerous seasonal products invade the markets, and we could not forget the autumn fish in our shopping basket. Nor should we ignore the importance of consuming seasonal fish, for not only because we will be respecting the biological cycle of these animals; but because we can also enjoy the flavors and nuances of food in a more intense and tasty way. In this way, Celia Ojeda is responsible for the consumption campaign of Greenpeace and marine biologist, explains: “Temporaryity at sea is related to the breeding periods and the movements of the species, which depend heavily on temperature”. This displacement makes these species easier to capture in many cases without having to bring them from much further frozen and generating more ecological footprint.

So, to make your fish recipes come out tasty and you enjoy them, and also have which fish to choose to eat when you have to make the shopping basket, we select the fish of this season. Specifically, in this article we will review the fish and seafood that are at their perfect point to consume during the months of October, November and December.

What autumn fish should we buy?

If you consider yourself a responsible consumer and you care about the environment (including marine, of course), we recommend that you consult the Guide to Responsible Consumption prepared by Fedepesca, where you will find information regarding production and fish consumption, consumer information…

We could say that the star products of this fall season are seafood, which can be found on the market at a better price at this time of year. And of them, the protagonists are the red or pink prawns, whose consumption increases precisely from this month until December. But in this post we will focus on seasonal fish in autumn, and so we will also see their properties.


It is a very low-fat fish, in addition to providing a source of health for our body through omega-3. In addition, it is also light thanks to its low calorie intake and an excellent source of protein.


Although it is a fatty fish, it contains a high supply of protein. Likewise, the pigeon is rich in iodine, which allows to convert food into energy and that is fundamental in the development of children.


This fish provides vitamins (vitamin A, B3, B6, B9 and B12) and minerals (iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sodium). Highlights include phosphorus, Vitamin D and Vitamin B3.


Characterized by its pink and silver color, the mullet is a fish typical of the Mediterranean Sea and whose optimal time of consumption falls in the autumn. It is rich in nutrients such as protein, selenium or phosphorus.


It is a very light white fish with a very mild taste, which in addition to having few calories is low in fat. It is rich in highly beneficial fatty acids and recommended to prevent cardiovascular problems, such as omega 3 and omega 6 acids.

Sea bass

This white fish, with very low caloric intake, is very rich in B vitamins. It has many fundamental nutrients for our body. In addition, it is a white and semi-fat fish.

As you can see, consuming autumn fish is not complicated, you simply have to pay good attention to the consumption calendar depending on the time of year to enjoy these delicacies.