Having a balanced diet is essential to guarantee and enjoy good health and, in this sense, fish plays a fundamental role. However, many people are reluctant to introduce this food in their diets for various reasons: ignorance of the variety of species, how to prepare them or simply because it is not to your liking… Although it seems a lie, many fish allow us to make very varied recipes and, most importantly for some, easy elaboration.

However, it is true that sometimes what fish to choose to eat can be a complicated task, especially when it comes to buying them. To do this, we have prepared a list with a selection of the 7 easy-to-eat fish. In addition, in the previous post about which fish to eat in season you will know which one to choose depending on the time of year.

5 types of fish to eat without complications

Most people can refuse fish because of the difficulty that some have to clean or prepare them, and even by the thorns, decanting more for the meat. But we should not leave the fish out of our diet, both adults and children, because of the great nutritional contribution to our health. Do not get discouraged and discover the easiest fish to introduce in your diet without complications.


It is one of the most consumed fish in our country, both fresh and frozen. When it comes to buying it, it is advisable to buy it whole and ask the fishmonger to prepare it according to the recipe to be made. You can remove the loins, you can cut the hake into slices and can also prepare delicacies or clean pieces without skin or thorns, ideal for batter or to do in tacos. Thus, hake can give us a lot of game to cook grilled, battered and fried, baked or in classic stews like hake in green sauce. It’s a matter of imagination!


No doubt tuna is about the fish that we may consume most almost unconscious thanks to the popularity of tuna cans. What is true is that, although we can opt for this form of consumption, there are many other variables that we can introduce in our diet in a simple way. Tuna fillets and grilled, for example, or for the smallest tuna burgers. However, the ideal is to cook it little so that it is juicy and prevent the meat from drying out.


Another perfect option to introduce the fish in our diet. In addition to containing a high index of Omega 3, it allows us to cook a thousand and one ways, all of them simple to prepare. You can consume it grilled, marinated or baked, even smoked for our fastest meals.


To cook the sole, just pour a few drops of oil on the griddle or pan and leave it until it is in place. A tasty dinner, very low in calories and high in nutrients. Also, it doesn’t usually have too many thorns, so it’s also a very good choice for the little ones.


It’s one of the most popular white fish, besides being great in the oven, a super simple recipe. You can also choose to prepare it on the grill or even steam thanks to its lightly fleshy meat.

As you can see, introducing the fish in your diet is not so difficult, it is simply a matter of trying new things and, above all, not being afraid to cook it.