The summer is slowly approaching and with it the beach, the bets of sun, the celebrations of people… And of course, numerous meals with friends and family. With the advent of high temperatures, we always want lighter and fresher dishes, such as cold creams, salads… So that you don’t forget the fish in your diet, we have prepared a selection of 4 fish recipes for the summer.

Undoubtedly, fish is one of the most complete foods we can find, as it brings many vitamins and benefits to our health. In summer, we usually forget a little of it, but the truth is that there are countless recipes that you can do in a simple, and most importantly, appetizing with high temperatures.

You should not forget about the fish if you intend to maintain a varied and balanced diet, as experts recommend consuming it between 2 or 3 times per week. There are many ways to prepare it, so there are no excuses to leave this nutritious food on the side.

Summer Fish Recipes

To facilitate the task in the kitchen with the fish in summer, we have selected some of the easiest and most tasty, with some of the products you will find in Santiago Montenegro. Although it does not seem, we can choose to make very basic and tasty recipes, both for our day to day and for special occasions.

You just have to lose your fear and take note of these delicious recipes.

Grilled turbot with garlic

The turbot is one of the most valued fish in the sea for its great taste. Its flesh is white, very fine and also very rich in selenium, which protects our organism from cardiovascular diseases and stimulates the immune system.

To prepare this delicacy, you will only need a little garlic and olive oil and make it grilled. You can taste all its flavor with a different touch and also very healthy.

Salmon with sautéed vegetables

No doubt salmon is a staple, which allows us to produce many recipes. A very healthy and tasty option is the salmon with sautéed vegetables, which is prepared in a short time and that gives us numerous nutrients to our organism.

Grilled sardines or with vegetables

You could say that there is not a good summer without sardines. And it is one of the most requested fish in summer. For its delicious flavor, it can become the favorites of any barbecue. But if you don’t have a barbeque or you want to innovate, you can also prepare a vegetable bottom roasted with virgin olive oil and fry the sardines. Delicious!

Tuna with onions

The tuna has numerous culinary preparations and contains numerous nutrients. This recipe is one of those “lifelong” that never fails, easy to prepare and very rich.

You see, eating fish can be an easy task if you want to make a commitment and enjoy delicious recipes. Cheer up!