We are in summer and in good weather the number of plans abroad is increasing. Barbecues are the summer planazo par excellence. Although the first thing we think about are the meats when we plan to make a barbecue, the truth is that there is a great variety of fish and seafood that are ideal grilled. A delicious and original way to eat this type of food.

Although it doesn’t seem like it, there’s a variety of fish that look delicious after stopping by the grill. In addition, you can also accompany it with vegetables, another food that is delicious with this way of preparing them.

We know that during the summer you will have many plans, meals, meetings and other occasions when you will have to prepare a recipe. In our previous post we selected 4 fish recipes for the summer and today a selection of fish to make grilled.

Lots of grilled fish

There are many varieties of fish that you can choose for your barbecue and you can also find them in our products section. One very important thing to keep in mind for our barbecue is that we must select whole fish or cut into tacos, medallions… It is also important to control the temperature of the embers, so that the fish is well cooked inside and does not burn on the outside. To do this, we should put the grill on a medium heat.

As for the selection of fish, we usually choose blue ones for their great flavor, such as sardines, salmon, mullet, mackerel or chicharros, real delights after the embers. Its healthy fat content helps make them juicy even when cooked roasted at high temperature. Sardines can be made directly on the grill or in a Malaga-style spit. In the case of salmon, for example, it can also be cooked directly on the grill or by making skewers. Both delicious options are just a matter of taste or preference.

On the other hand, we can also choose specific grills to roast fish, because this way we will have a perfect roast. In addition, we must smear the grill well before placing the fish on it.

As you can see, you can enjoy a delicious barbecue with the fish as the protagonist.