Fishing has always existed, as it is one of the ways in which the human being acquires food from aquatic life. It is an activity already used by our ancestors as a means of subsistence. Little by little, with the technological advances and the development of the society, the techniques of fishing were perfected until those that nowadays we know.

In this sense, different techniques and types of fishing have been emerging over the years, reaching the world of fishing for countless terms and disciplines. Thus, the world of fishing is gigantic and to dimension the different types of fishing, it is necessary to attend to a series of characteristics like: the place, the volume and purpose of the catches or the technique used.

In addition, fish is a staple food for our diet, as it brings countless benefits to our health. According to experts, introducing this food into our diet is very important, as it brings many benefits to our health. So it is a staple food that we should not leave aside and thanks to it we will be able to enjoy better health. However, as consumers, we have the right to know the origin of the different fish we consume and the method by which they have been captured, since it is obligatory in the labelling of the fish. Let’s see then what types of fishing in the sea are the most common.

Types of sea Fishing

The concept of sea fishing is used to designate that fishing activity that is practiced and developed in saltwater, as it is carried out at sea. Also, ocean fishing is included within this group.

Moreover, depending on the purpose of fishing, there are sport fishing and commercial fishing. The sport fishing is one that is practiced with a recreational purpose and in the case of commercial fishing, it is that type of fishing that is practiced with a commercial purpose, ie to obtain an economic benefit.

Types of fishing according to location


High Fishing

This type of fishing is carried out in sea waters away from the coast. It is a fishing that can have two modalities: the professional (fishermen who work for industries and who are in charge of serving fish) and sport fishing.

Inshore Fishing

In this case, the fishing of inshore is one that is carried out by small boats in the vicinity of the coast. The boats are small and carry powerful nets and sedatives. They leave little of the coast and their catches, which disembark in fish-markets, are each day smaller by the depletion of the seabeds.

Artisanal fishing

It is a type of fishing activity that uses traditional techniques with little technological development. It is practiced by small boats in coastal areas not more than 10 miles away, within what is called territorial sea.

Industrial fishing

As its name already indicates, it is a type of fishing that aims to capture massive fish. It is carried out by shipowners with vessels of more than 18 meters in length, which allow trawling, longline and fence fishing using systems that incorporate better technology, and can capture large quantities of fishing resources.